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  • How to Select a Pattern?
    Pattern Selection Option, If you want, you can use your own patterns and photos or our own archive of 3000 patterns. If you give a pattern, we only give you 4 Dozen (48 pairs) of that pattern for 1 time only. If you choose from our patterns, you can order 1 pattern as 1 dozen or 1000 patterns as 1000 dozen.
  • Cargo company selection and other transactions?
    Our customers find the cargo companies and send them to us via e-mail or WhatsApp. After the special production of the products is completed, we deliver them to the cargo they have given and deliver the order receipt. JENES SOCKS 2024
  • How does the Jenes Imprint order process work?
    There are 6 steps after a new order is placed; Orders are taken, graphics and designs are realized, If there is a density, the duration of the training is determined, our products are produced and the order is fulfilled, The product is delivered to the customer or cargo. Jenes® 2022
  • I want to personalize my products?
    You can personalize your products by using your own brand and your own accessories. Label, Package, sock hanger etc. We also make your other accessories. (We do not make boxed and sticky label contents.)
  • What does the FAQ Section do?
    The FAQ section is a short block of articles that you can read and find solutions to your questions without taking time.
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